Our Mission


Creating space for free, independent and sustainable volunteering in Nepal

Volunteer independently. Educate sustainably.

Volunteachers seeks to provide an independent form of volunteering, which supports the schools in the development of their english lessons and increases the joy of learing amongst students and teachers of participating schools.

Volunteer independently

Your goodwill to engage for the benefit and education of others must not be exploited for financial interests. Often people are charged hundreds of dollars for volunteering in another part of the world. While one cannot expect to be paid by the poorer nations of the world, one can expect that a helping hand does not have to hand over dollar bills to be accepted.

Volunteachers provides information to enable volunteering on your own terms. Our vision is to connect you with host schools, assisting you to find and get in touch with a school without an NGO that sells volunteering as an all-inclusive package. This is meant to be an authentic experience, which gives you a more in-depth insight into the country’s culture and is far more valuable and fulfilling than any all-inclusive package. We do not want you to leave with the feeling of a nice holiday but with the feeling of real contribution.

Teaching the students

Bringing education to a country and its children is key to help its development. Speaking English is often a requirement for higher paid jobs e.g. in the tourism sector. Despite the importance of English, many schools do not have enough, well-educated English teachers. Having a volunteer present helps to motivate the children to learn and speak the language. Enhancing the quality of English lessons provides a better framework for the children to learn the language. Learn more.

Exchange knowledge with the teachers

In order to make volunteering more sustainable, we strongly encourage knowledge exchange with the teachers. Working side by side with the English teachers in Nepal ensures the exchange of different teaching methods and approaches. The experiences gained on both sides can be used in future lessons.

This cooperative way of working helps to enhance the quality of education long-term and has the ability to benefit several student generations. Learn more.


The first part of our sustainability aspiration is to make volunteering as sustainable for students, teachers and schools as possible. For this reason we strive to not only educate students but also to encourage exchange with the teachers. This way, knowledge stays in the country and can be passed on even if no volunteer is present.

Furthermore, we care about people and the earth. We want to encourage and support you to act as consciously as possible by providing "Tips for eco-friendly travelling". These focus on things you can do before leaving your country to act in an environmentally friendly and respectful way at your destination.

Become a member

To fulfill this vision, we invite you to become a member of Volunteachers. Become a Volunteacher and help to enhance the education of students and exchange knowledge with teachers. As a Volunteacher you have the opportunity to organize your volunteer experience independently. Our school database helps to take the guesswork out. Please contact us for more information.

Thank you for making volunteering more sustainable!